Integrated Railmotive Systems Inc.

Excellence in Engineering


We have provided expert witness services in cases where rail equipment performance was not adequate, on two different occasions.  The first was in a matter where a costly derailment had occurred and the performance of train air brakes was alleged to be substandard. We researched the matter and offered a refutation of the allegation including proper references to AAR standards Federal law and evidence based testimony, and showed that the performance of the brake system question was not the problem.

In another case cargo containers being transported on special railcars were experiencing structural failure. The containerís manufacturer claimed that the construction was in conformance with both the AAR container specification and the customerís specification per his order and that the failures were the result of mishandling. We were able to show that this claim was not correct, that a design error had been made by the manufacturer, and that there could not have been any mishandling that would have produced the failures seen.

Both of the above matters were settled to the satisfaction of the parties without the necessity of trial. 

While we do not claim to have competence in all areas of railway and intermodal technology, we can submit an adequate resumeí to qualify in some of them; and we will not offer testimony where we are not convinced of our competence to do so, beyond doubt.