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The six-wheeled truck of Webpage 19 was designed to increase the capacity of either the articulated trucks of multi platform cars or permit the building of a very high capacity Gondola Car. A major carbuilder was interested in our car concept and asked us to carry the design far enough to propose the car to an electric power company to get a feel for its marketability. This was done and the resulting car design is shown in the accompanying slide show.

180 Ton Coal Gondola

Length over pulling faces                                75 8
Outside Width (Narrowed per Plate C)         9 10-1/2
Extreme Ht.                                                      12 10-3/8
Light Weight                                                    66,000 lb
Load capy                                                         181.5 Tons
Clearance Diagram                                          AAR Plate C-1
Gross rail load                                                  429,000 lb