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Because the IH platforms were semi-permanently connected, changing wheels was difficult and required the element to be taken apart, the offending wheel replaced, and the element then re-assembled. The time required for this was about four hours.  In order to reduce this time, Railmotive designed the pan shown below, which could be installed in a suitable yard track by removing a single tie.  A pair of bridge sections as shown a replaced the running rails directly over the pan and allowed the element to be rolled across the pan to the point where the wheel to be changed was centered over it.

Desigh Wheel Change Method
With the wheel thus centered, the jacks shown below could be easily affixed and the weight of the truck transferred to the railhead through the jacks freeing the wheel of any load. The two jacks would then raise the IH truck until the pedestal binder contacted the bottom of the bearing adapter raising the wheel bearings and stub axle together and removing all load from the short rail bridge sections, permitting their removal.

Desigh Wheel Change Method 2
Next the floor jack, with its attached wheel clamp fixture would be moved under the wheel and the floor jack raised to contact the bottom of the wheel taking the weight of the wheel assembly off of the pedestal binder. This action allows the binder to be removed, allowing the wheel assembly to be lowered out of the truck frame sufficiently to clear the bottom of the frame as shown above.

From this condition it is only necessary to move the floor jack along the pan to the outside of the element, where the wheel can be grasped by tongs, removed from the clamp fixture and taken to a wheel shop for further repairs.  At this point a new or repaired wheelset would be placed in the jack’s fixture and rolled back under the truck, where it could easily be reassembled by reversing the disassembly procedure above.  Time for wheel removal and replacement by this method was estimated as less than a half hour.