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This was a proposal for a ramp designed to roll on its own single axle and to be positioned by a Terminal tractor.  The ramp has a ring coupler near its lower end, and a pair of air springs pushed a travel axle down for travel so that the ramp weight was borne by its axle and the coupler ring as in the 2nd figure below. Mating with the ring was a pintle hook coupler carried on a positionable boom on the front of the Terminal tractor. The pintle hook coupler is an automatic type, and allows the ramp to be coupled and uncoupled from the Terminal Tractor without a manual attendant.

Design Portable
In use, the tractor would connect to the ring on the ramp, two air brake lines would be connected, and when the emergency brake line was charged, the air spring would inflate, allowing the ramp to be moved into position.
    The high end of the ramp was arranged to provide a connection to a 41 deck height car, and was equipped with a hook which would engage the knuckle coupler of a railcar as shown below, solidly connecting the ramp to the railcar for loading and preventing relative movement of the ramp and car. Once the ramp was connected to the car, the air lines from the tractor could be disconnected, exhausting the air springs to lower the ramp structure to the pavement as shown above. This provides a solid footing for the ramp and the heavy tractor and trailers that must roll over it.  The tractor could then be uncoupled and moved out of the way, permitting trailer loading to commence.

Design Portable 1