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At the outset of the AMTRAK program to develop the SuperlinerŪ bi-level cars Tom Engle had led the concept team that brought the MD 76 truck designers from Germany to propose the radical link leaf axle guide truck design  to Pullman Standard for incorporation into the final car design.  Twenty four years later, Amtrak wanted to rebuild these trucks, and as none of the original manufacturers remained, he was called upon by Amtrak to update the assembly procedure for this truck (Still in successful operation today, some 33 years later) and prepare or update manuals and procedures to support ongoing mantenance and upgrading of the truck.

    These were prepared and served satisfactorily. The content of these manuals is proprietary so the sample assembly page presented here, and the illustrations accompanying are not detail drawings but we were able to produce a manual for a truck which was not supported by any supplier for a reasonable price, and which did provide guidance for the training of new forces.

Assembly 1
The figure to the left was taken from part of the manual which explained the operation of the link leaf axle guide system.

It is shown here only to represent the type of explanation that we place in an instruction manual.

Assembly 2
The figure to the left is an assembly jig designed by us for assembly of the Swing Hangers (not shown) to the Spring Seats and the spring seats to their spacers.  The Spring Seats are the two fabrications shown atop the fixture, and the spacers are the two tubes with square flanges on their ends, which connect the two Spring Seats into a rigid assembly.  In use, the two spacers are aligned with the seats and tightened into assembly in this fixture, then the four swing hangers are inserted, after which, the assembly is transported to one of the two truck assembly fixtures where the swing hangers are connected to the truck frame.

    Other aspects of the Superliner truck study for Amtrak included a revue of the trucks torsion bar and its affect on ride quality.  Work on the torsion bar project was, however suspended.